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The purpose of creating this website is to provide the latest updates of jobs, notifications and other related information to the job seekers of Pakistan. We collect this information, jobs advertisement from official sources, newspapers of Pakistan and International newspapers and post job advertisements.

Every One have rights

We believe that everyone deserves a chance at a fulfilling career. With our website, we strive to create an environment that helps people find meaningful work that meets their needs. We provide job, tender, government notification, and information postings for people, tailored to the needs of our countrymen. We also offer resources, such as career advice, to help people find the right job. Our team of passionate and experienced professionals is dedicated to helping people achieve success in their job search through official newspaper sources and private organizations. All over the word you will search  my website.

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And other Fardel Government Advertisement. Other Private Jobs and overseers jobs will also provided https://pakcitizen.com




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